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Vegan Mofo: Breakfast

23 Oct

I was doing so well!  But then I just stopped posting.  Now part of the reason was because I was in the middle of mid-term season but the other part was I was just blah on the food front.  Sorry!

But this post isn’t for excuses, it’s about breakfast.  I love breakfast, it’s easily my most favourite meal of the day.  That and brunch, which is still breakfast in my books.  But I often get stuck on breakfasts.  For example, all summer and most of September I was having a slice of ezekiel sprouted bread toasted with almond butter and banana slices.  EVERY morning.  And it took me a long time to get tired of it. 

Now I’m stuck on something new.  Well, technically it’s not new because it’s what I had for breakfast all last winter.  Oatmeal.  I looove oatmeal.  It has to be made with steel-cut oats though as I do not like mush for breakfast.


This is the version of oatmeal I’ve been enjoying, Apple-Cinnamon, trying to use up the large surplus of apples we have from apple picking a couple of weeks ago.  It’s delicious and keeps me full until lunch.  What are your favourite versions of oatmeal?

Oh, and I’ve started another blog.  It’s not a food blog and I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep it yet so I won’t give you the link yet. 

I’ll try not to neglect this blog anymore, there are only 8 days left of Vegan Mofo!


Solace in Pudding

3 Jan

After receiving the news that Blueprint, a beloved magazine I read will soon be no more, I needed comfort food.  (ok, maybe it was just an excuse to bake) Pudding is such a food. I have cherished memories of pudding…chocolate…vanilla…and butterscotch (note to self, must make Butterscotch pudding soon). Rather than making one of these old standbys, I wanted something more substantial and decided to try a recipe in Eat, Drink and be Vegan I’ve been meaning to make.  This Banana-Pecan (actually I was without pecans and used almonds) Rice Pudding Pie utilizes brown rice, coconut milk anf bananas to make a decadent yet not-bad-for-you pudding. 

You know that smell that wafts through the mall, that sickenly sweet yet attractive aroma of Cinnabon?  This pudding smells like that!  But you know, better.  And it was oh-so-creamy.

So maybe this year hasn’t been treating you the best and you’re looking to indulge in a little comfort without breaking your resolutions.  I think this healthier pudding may just be the answer.

Winding down…?

23 Nov

Next week is my final week of class, then I have a final paper, 2 take-home exams and I’m done until January!  So I guess you can say school is finally winding down but there’s still a rather sizeable amount of work to do.  But I did take the time this morning to make a delicious breakfast.

Celine’s Peanut Butter Granola!

This is really good (it’s so hard to restrain myself for going back for another bowl) and oh so simple.  I’ve never made my own granola before and I’m embarassed to recall that I’ve actually paid for it in the past.  It’s so easy and I always have the ingredients to make it on hand. This peanut butter Granola is pure bliss, akin to a peanut butter cookie with a tall glass of cold soy milk.

breakfast love

13 Nov

*Note-remember how I said how busy I would be this November and that I probably wouldn’t have time to post?  Well, I think it’s obvious due to the actual amount of my posts this month that I underestimated my tendency to get distracted during the last few weeks of class (Flickr has been a particular culprit).

Breakfast is by far my most favourite meal of the day.  I actually look forward to mornings because that means I can prepare my usual breakfast of choice, a steamy bowl of oatmeal.  I love steel-cut oats but I always had a problem of making it look, well pretty.  My oatmeal would always cook as a rather uniform, gloopy mess.  It would taste good but because of the presentation I could never blog about it. 

Last week, lolo and celine both blogged about very delicious looking bowls of oatmeal.  So I decided to try lolo’s method.  I did make some changes, halving the recipe and going with the ingredients I had on hand, I decided to make Banana Spice Oatmeal. I added cloves and nutmeg, only used a tiny amount of earth balance, used brown rice syrup for the sweetner and Vanilla Silk for the soymilk.  If you take a look at the picture I think it’s safe to say I finally conquered the act of making a bowl of oatmeal attractive (not to toot my own horn or anything).  Look!  It’s creamy and not sticky! 


5 Nov

Berry Goodness Muffins from Eat, Drink & be Vegan.

Okay, I didn’t actually eat these for breakfast.  But they look like a nice breakfast.  I’m not sure why but breakfast isn’t breakfast to me unless it’s in a bowl with soymilk.  So, instead I baked these to have for lunch or a snack.

They’re pretty good, they have a really nice texture and I like the combination of flours, I baked them with cranberries instead of the strawberries or blueberries called for because I have a bag in the freezer that needs to be used up.  (What else can I use them for?  I bought them for cranberry sauce only to find that no one in my house likes homemade cranberry sauce.)  I got 15 muffins out of the deal which is quite a bit more than the recipe said I would get, not that I mind of course.


23 Aug

Have you ever had Puffins? I’ve been meaning to try them for quite awhile. I have eyeing them at my local Health Food Store but the price always scared me away. A few months ago, they finally arrived at the supermarket for a bargain price. I haven’t been eating cereal too much in the morning lately, I prefer my oatmeal as I have control over what ingredients will go into it (like sugar for example, I don’t like sugar in the morning) but yesterday I finally broke down and bought a box of Puffins of the Cinnamon variety. Despite the possible drawbacks of cereal of the boxed variety, I do love cereal so I decided to have a bowl for dessert last night.


These were pretty delicious, crispy, not too sweet and full of cinnamon-y goodness. And they made a perfect dessert (as I said, I love cereal, it’s a delicacy to me), and light!  Afterwards, my stomach didn’t feel as if it was running in slow motion (hmmm, that’s an odd way to explain over-eating, isn’t it?).

Benji even approved of them!  After playing with one for awhile, he deemed it acceptable to his discerning palate.  I tried in vain to get a picture of him with it but damnit this dog is hard to photograph!  Anyone have any tips on how to get a good picture of animals?  (None of the animals in my house are particularly photogenic, Benji used to be when he was a puppy, I have so many cute baby pics of him)

Back to Puffins, poking around on their site, I discovered that there is more than the two varieties the stores around me carry-like, ahem ahem, Peanut Butter!  I need to try this!  Even though, it could prove to be very, very dangerous to have in my cupboards.  And the company, Barbara’s Bakery seems to be a company with morals!  They support conservation projects and check out their Adopt-A-Puffin project.

So, I am definitely not regretting my breakdown in my “I’m not buying cereal anymore” belief, it tastes great and I’m helping a delightful little bird-even though techinically I’m not cheating because I’m eating it as a dessert. So there.

Sunday Morning Waffles

19 Aug

Blueberry Waffles-a Vegan Yum Yum tester.  I have never made waffles before, actually I’ve never even ate a waffle that wasn’t prepackaged and frozen!  These waffles were perfect and better than any other waffle wanna-be I’ve eaten.  I am never buying prepackaged waffles again.