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18 Sep

Ugh.  I fail as a blogger, no matter how much I mean to post more, lately that just hasn’t been happening.  BUT come October I’ll have a motivating factor…VeganMofo! What is VeganMofo you ask? Check out the link for a more comprehensive explanation and to learn how to partipate but in short, it stands for ‘Vegan Month of Food’ and it’s a blogging event of which vegan bloggers write about vegan food everyday for the month of Octpber. Last year, I had just watched from afar and didn’t participate but this year I’m in! Even though I’m a bit busy with school work, I’m going to make an attempt anyway. I’ll probably fail but a girl can try, right?

As to not leave this post sans photo, here’s a picture of the cocktail-shaped cookies I baked for my sister’s birthday on friday. They are currently en route to her location so hopefully (I know she won’t) check my blog so the surprise won’t be ruined.

birthday cookies

See you in October!