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Maple-Pecan Sticky Blondies

28 Mar

Sigh.  I loving having entire days off to myself.  I always seem to get something accomplished at least.  Today with the snow lightly falling all day, I finished a history paper, did laundry and other household tasks, found time to take a power nap with Benji and best of all, bake.

Maple Pecan Sticky Blondies

These are the Maple-Pecan Sticky Blondies from Eat, Drink & be Vegan. I had some anxiety baking these as I almost always have trouble baking with spelt flour. I’m not sure what it is but spelt baked goods rarely turns out for me! (It seems to act weird with the liquid ingredients, particularly the oil, like cookies would get really flat and oily, like the proportions are all off) And after taking these babies out of the oven, they seemed to have not set enough, but following Dreena’s advice I cooled them in the fridge before slicing them up. Once chilled, they sliced easily, still a tad delicate but once I tasted these I didn’t care! I actually really liked its tender bite and the Maple-Pecan streusal on top? Heavenly! They weren’t quite as maple-y as I had hoped they would be (I blame the cheap-o maple syrup I used) so next time I’m going to sneak in some maple extract. They were perfect, anyway, to have on a snowy afternoon while sipping tea.