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Birthday Wishes

6 Mar

Yesterday was my grandmother’s 87th birthday and obviously a cake was called for such an occasion that celebrates a very special person. Armed with Papa Tofu, I decided to bake a cake inspired by Kittee’s tutorial. After baking the cake on tuesday evening, I trudged home in the freezing rain to commence the best part of a cake-the decorating. Now, I am still, very much so, a novice at cake decorating but I think my skills are finally improving (I’m thinking of taking one of those Wilton cake classes, has anyone taken one?).

This is the non-chocolate cake found in Papa Tofu filled with a strawberry filling and a strawberry buttercream, then frosted with a vanilla buttercream (the buttercream is also found in Papa Tofu) and finally, more strawberry filling was poured over top for good measure. The cake was very much a success with everyone thoroughly enjoying it-especially Grandma!

Happy 87th!

March 5, 1921

Happy Birthday, Grandma!
Love, Ash.

When I was taking these photos, I had quite the scare. I’m still learning how to use my tripod and decided to find out last night what a little switch thing would do if I flicked it, thinking it would help me change the angle of the camera. Nope. What this little switch thing does is allow you to easily attach and REMOVE the camera from the tripod. Naturally when I flicked it, my camera plummeted to the floor. My heart was definitely in my throat let me tell you, but luckily, the rebel was more durable then I though!

 Edit-I noticed today (1 week later!) that this was my 100th blog post! I’m glad it coincided with my grandmother’s birthday, definitely the most fitting post for it!